“Children are a joy,” a renowned phrase tells us. But what about the process that precedes a child’s arrival in the world? What if there’s love, a wish for children, but conception just does not happen? What if nature has let us down, and our desire for a family becomes a weighty issue leading to a path paved with difficulties?

Without a doubt, longing to start a family and being unable to is indeed difficult, but it’s worth remembering that just because one door is closed to us doesn’t mean another isn’t open! As long as a סורמום awaits by the end of the process, the journey, though long, is definitely worth it. This is where we explain how to make that journey simpler, more pleasant, leaving you feeling reinforced by being linked to home through the full support of our Israeli team even when the process takes place abroad.

First, a little background

Surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries a pregnancy for a couple. There are two kinds of surrogacy:

  1. One involves fertilization of the surrogate mother’s ovum through artificial insemination with the biological father’s sperm.
  2. The second involves the surrogate mother only carrying the pregnancy. In other words, the ovum is not hers. The process requires IVF (in vitro fertilization), whether using the biological parents’ sperm and ovum, or donor sperm and / or ovum, depending on the circumstances.

This process is intended for a man and woman in a couples relationship, but if the individual/s requesting the process do not conform to the defined conditions (perhaps due to being a  same sex couple or a single parent) it’s good to know that the process can be undertaken in a foreign country where diverse  circumstances are acceptable.

The difficulty of distance

While pregnancy is an exciting procedure, it is also a time fraught with pressures and requires ‘a finger on the pulse’ at all times. As a result, the thought of a process occurring far from home often rouses difficulties based on the following concerns:

  • A lack of confidence. Even though a couple may instigate the process, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t feel in some way inferior despite being the client who pays for the service. This is the outcome of having to comply with laws in foreign countries rather than feeling comfortable by having the process occur on ‘home turf.’
  • Disparities in language and culture. The surrogacy process requires direct contact relative to a diverse array of involved parties such as agencies, medical staff, legal staff and more. Even a request to sign a simple contract in a foreign language can bring a variety of questions and doubts to the surface.
  • Fear of exploitation. The field of surrogacy contains any number of people who seek to take advantage of the situation. Couples are understandably concerned about whether medical testing and other conditions are being upheld.
  • Geographic distance. The geographic distance requires use of agents. Not being familiar with them can leave the couple wanting to believe, but uncertain, that they’re reliable and trustworthy.
  • Sense of alienation. Being far from home, and undergoing such an emotional process, a couple needs an empathetic and calming atmosphere. A foreign language and foreign laws can make the couple feel alienated and the experience becomes harsher rather than gentler.

Reliability and integrity

It’s good to know, in light of the above points, that the surrogacy service abroad can be accompanied by an Israeli team which examines the integrity of those involved, checks their motivation, their laws and values, their language, and explains things to you in your own familiar language and terms.

Small country, broad connections

Most of all, surrogacy services abroad with an Israeli team not only prevent language barriers and complications, and provide that vital sense of security and confidence in knowing that the process is carried out in the best way possible, but also offers you the comfort of knowing that although the process is occurring far from your home and family, Israelis are backing you up. Although we’re a small country, our connections with each other through our shared language and culture run deep: a bit of checking often reveals that there are distant family links, or you studied in the same places, served together in the army, or have mutual friends, any of which create closer ties between the couple and the Israeli team.

Setting high levels of quality

When Israelis accompany your process abroad, you can feel much more relaxed that they’ll do all they can to ensure the quality of the process, because Israel is known for its high standards in all areas of ethics and sanitation, two areas of vital importance when seeking surrogacy abroad.

The intermediary connection – the link between the parents and the surrogate mother

Numerous studies point to the importance in building a quality relationship between the surrogate and the intended parents. As a result, when surrogacy is conducted abroad it’s very important to have an Israeli team on hand to assist in tying up all the loose ends between the couple and the surrogate. An Israeli team can be your most effective agent, not only overcoming language issues but because the team holds important experience and tips for making the process easier. This lets the intended parents enjoy the surrogate’s pregnancy more fully, feel that the surrogate is reliable, and generally stay much calmer. As the pregnancy develops, the Israeli team acts as the bridge between parents and surrogate.

Much more than sperm and ovum

So, to sum things up, the surrogacy process is much more than sperm, ovum, and a woman to carry the pregnancy. Surrogacy involves tension, worry, coping, paperwork, no small amount of money, medical examinations, professional consultancy, and high levels of ethics and emotional support. For whatever reason it is that’s led you to choose surrogacy abroad, it’s good to know that at home in Israel you can enjoy close personal backup, feel your interests are being protected, trust that the medical tests are of the highest quality, and that professional assistance is provided relative to contracts and all relevant issues. It’s like being abroad while feeling at home. And it’s good to know that new life can be brought into this world in a supportive, warm atmosphere of the same kind that new parents would wish to provide to their סורמום.